Oh you are here – Why?

Connecting to people

Fundamental motivation for communication whether it was online of f2f is basically to belong and to be approved by others. It´s a positive motive that reflects the emotional and affective feelings to others.


Promoting yourself

You build your identity, your personal brand, to renew and to build a positive idea of yourself. If you have an idea of a good friend or a good boss, or mother, you act and you communicate in a way that it is consistent with your idea. Typically people want to renew, grow and become someone new and possibly better. In practice this means sharing photos of certain kind and telling and sharing stories, which reflect your ideas about “the new you”.

Being part of communities

What you a sharing and liking defines what communities you belong to. People build their identity in social media through images, through likes, through not liking, belonging to groups, statements they are making and content they are sharing. It is a way to connect and to build relationships and to find common ground between people across the globe. New communities are forming around cooking, sports, games, science etc. in different platforms, but professionally communication in virtual platforms is a way to survive in global markets. Communication patterns and actions build your reputation, expand your networks and start new business relationships. You can also aim at deepening the existing networks, professionally or privately.

“Communication online is also about promoting your competence.”

Showing you are a trustworthy professional

If you want to be trusted as professional, competent and reliable colleague or boss, you need to make your experience and achievements visible, so that people know you´ll be capable of fulfilling their expectations. This is difficult if your targets and goals at work haven´t been clearly and reasonably defined. Showing your competenceis not that simple, if you don´t know what you know. This is often the case among experts with lengthy careers with strong tacit knowledge or experienced managers with lengthy careers.

Different platforms have different ways to interact and different fields of industry or science have different language and terminology. You need to know the language, before you can truly listen and understand.

“Listening and creating a shared understanding through communication counts.”

You are lacking something, and you need something

People are motivated mostly by needs in different levels, which are driven by emotions. If you feel need to have, or do something, it probably means you are lacking something or you need to achieve something. If you feel need to interact in social media, it might mean you need to expand your networks, you need new information, you feel that you are being left out from something, or don´t get the encouragement you need in actual life. It is beneficial to recognize the difference between your true information needs and possible addiction or habit in hanging out in online worlds. Your brain needs to have time off from the screen.

In online worlds it is possible to share, to grow, to learn, to collaborate and to build new relationships across the globe- professionally and privately

HOW to communicate then? – Deliver what you promised

In order to communication to succeed, people need to trust each other. Trust is a very personal and also affective based feeling. It is typical that it is either increasing or decreasing, but it typically does not stay the same. Regular updates and consistency in communication count. Building trust is about fulfilling the expectations, whether its about colourful and crazy updates or strictly business, people should see at least what they expect from you.

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