Northern Glow in Oulu

Annual digital business forum Northern Glow was organized in Oulu yesterday bringing together top influencers in digital business. For example inspiring Tobias Ahlin as keynote speaker. Tobias works behind innovation processes at Spotify and Minecraft.

“Turning upside down general truths, exploring the nuances of depth, examining the secrets behind the success stories worldwide.”

Another KeyNote speaker Thimon de Jong the Founder at Whetston was bringing strategic foresight on for example emotional AI. Thimon´s question to the audience was: do we want AI? Audience seemed hesitating, but Thimon´s confident answer was yes! Digital device is rapidly getting smarter making services easier and targeting the right audience becomes easier and faster. For example Netflix can soon sense viewers´emotions through the screen and select approriate selection of movies to pick from.

Thimon also pointed out the concept of phubbing = not paying attention to others. Digital device has taken big part of our lifes making it more difficult to concentrate on communication in person. At some point he mentioned about a study conducted By Durex – according to that digital device is affecting negatively to it´s business: People are having less and less sex and quality of sex is decreasing. Maybe digital device can somehow eventually sense that and automatially lock after entering to the bedroom? 🙂

Customers first

Minna Koskelo´s main concern has always been how to integrate customer perspective into business development and enabling co-creation in a meaningful and sustainable way creating value between organization, customers and different stakeholders. Minna is passionate about futures fit and human centric business development. Creating better tomorrow together with people is not only a dream but a possibility. Co-creation business logic was created back in 2004. Now the customer is a king and customer experience rules. Focus should be on customer experience and emotions.

We just recently offered course on experience economy. Rather than stuff people want to buy experiences. It’s even more difficult to measure quality of experience events than quality of experience in electronics. But surely emotion markets are rocking and rolling and all the succesful products and services are sold via emotions!

Of course there were lots of other interesting speakers as well and lots of interesting contacts and products! NG was totally worth the visit.


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