Communication is a crucial part of leadership and management practises. Effective, and agile communication plan helps to clarify the roles of each employee and accessing relevant information improves. Communication plan is unique for each organization.

Project communication planning

Communication plan increases project´s and company´s success and it supports your overall business targets and success. It increases predictability and reduces uncertainty. Typically the following components are involved to this project:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Defining the “why?” “what?” “where?” “who?” and “when?” in communications.
  • Defining responsibilities for each member and clarifying roles to enhance employee advocacy and empowerment.

Customer will receive a final Communication Plan document in word, pdf or in digimagazine format.

Documentation planning in projects

• Documentation practises are defined and described in documentation planning workshop, which results are described in a documentation plan document. Planning is needed to control information accessibility and to avoid information overload. It is typically to be matched with version control and project milestones. Attention is needed to material collection, sharing and storage regarding communication tools and responsible persons for owning and editing the documents. All this is defined within documentation plan.

Other Services

Other services are offered within co-operation with Verkkoasema Oy or in tailored projects based on customer´s needs. Ask for a free consultation for defining the needs and possible solutions.

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Digital magazines
  • E-Learning solutions, teaching and courses (Problem-Based Learning method)
  • Research (interviews, surveys, analysis, reports)
  • Interactive solutions for collaboration and communication
  • Information retrieval, processing and writing

Why is communication management needed?

  • At the moment over 80% of the virtual teams fail to reach their objectives due to organizational and personal communication barriers.
  • Managers spend typically over 90% their time interacting with other people. Therefore it is crucial for managers to have proper communication skills virtually and f2f.
  • Communications effectiveness impacts organizational performance and individual career prospects
  • Very few people work alone, everyone needs communication skills.
  • Communication continues to be a problem in many organizations, although communication is relatively well understood phenomena. Therefore research and communication management is needed.
  • Cross-cultural communication competence is vital in multicultural societies and companies.
  • Virtual communication competencies are needed. New technology radically changes patterns of organizational communication. Better understanding in the functionalities of virtual knowledge-based organizations is increasing, as more than 1.3 billion people are forecasted to work in virtual organizations within a few years.
References: Lohikoski et al., 2014; Govindarajan & Gupta, 2001

E.g. In collaboration with Verkkoasema

Verkkoasema has a lengthy experience in planning and creating web solutions of various kinds (www- pages, intranets, extranets, project management tools etc..) since 1997. Verkkoasema has a strong experience in various platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and VJ6, Verkkoasema´s own platform.

We have created a together a communication plan and platform for communication for MicroENTRE.