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Changing the world with technologies ...

We are living in the middle of massive changes in social, ecological, political, economical and technological aspects, where each part impacts the other. Smart cities, ecosystems, open data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities and much more were mentioned on MindTrek conference´s presentations. After these two days I got the impression that there is an […]

How to stay motivated at work?

Most people want to feel flow at work, to be part of the dream team pushing towards the same goal. People want to make an impact and have some meaning in their work. But let´s be honest, there also are boring routines that need to be taken care of, distractions, and frustrating meetings. Sometimes motivation […]

Northern Glow in Oulu

Annual digital business forum Northern Glow was organized in Oulu yesterday bringing together top influencers in digital business. For example inspiring Tobias Ahlin as keynote speaker. Tobias works behind innovation processes at Spotify and Minecraft. “Turning upside down general truths, exploring the nuances of depth, examining the secrets behind the success stories worldwide.” Another KeyNote […]

TOP 10 tips for leading virtual proje...

1. Passion People´s commitment is mostly driven by motivations and feelings. Motivation leads to learning and creativity. It is strongly connected to positive feelings, constructive behavior and thoughts. It also correlates with wellbeing and job satisfaction and it is enhanced when accomplishing tasks and projects. Passion ultimately drives people to go forward finding solutions. It […]

Oh you are here – Why?

Connecting to people Fundamental motivation for communication whether it was online of f2f is basically to belong and to be approved by others. It´s a positive motive that reflects the emotional and affective feelings to others.   Promoting yourself You build your identity, your personal brand, to renew and to build a positive idea of […]

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