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Changing the world with technologies ...

We are living in the middle of massive changes in social, ecological, political, economical and technological aspects, where each part impacts the other. Smart cities, ecosystems, open data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities and much more were mentioned on MindTrek conference´s presentations. After these two days I got the impression that there is an […]

Building a Tribe – Secret Ingre...

Two years ago I started to build Tervahiihto´s community, purely from the love for endurance sports and chance to work with inspiring great minds like Maija and Jani Oravamäki, who are top coaches and athletes in endurance sports. I also wanted to do communication building and social media projects in practice, which I think all […]

Virtual collaboration -the art of agi...

Virtual collaboration -the art of agile business and professional growth

New communities are forming around Cleantech, wellbeing, cooking, sports, game industry and research in variety of different platforms. Professionally, collaboration in virtual platforms is a way to make it in global markets, for experts, researchers and for businesses. Virtual collaboration globally builds your reputation, expand your networks and start new business relationships. You can aim at […]

What drives you in virtual communicat...

Connection to others is a basic human need Its a positive motive that reflects the emotional and affective feelings to others. Fundamental motivation is basically to belong and to be approved by others. Other aspect is internal motivation to promote your own idea of yourself, to build your identity, your personal brand, to renew and basically to […]

Documentation checklist for projects

An increasing amount of work is conducted in projects in dispersed virtual organisational settings. Information is the raw material of virtual work and therefore an understanding of information processing and knowledge transfer is crucial. Often in virtual projects the main communication method is e-mail. It just seems so easy to use and things get documentated […]

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